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Bane/John I love it when you mark me

Title: I love it when you mark me
Rated: R
Pairing: BanexJohn Blake
Summary: Fill on the tdkr_kink.  "Bane has a thing for marking the things that are his and recently, he's decided that John Blake belongs to him. This results in the man biting marks into John's skin, sucking bruises into the curve of his neck, pinching color into the knobs of his wrists and leaving scratches down his back. He doesn't care if the marks are in places that John can't hide them, he only cares that people know he belongs to someone already. John should mind, but he can't bring himself to care, so he continues to let Bane mark his skin."

Bruises are a sign of loveCollapse )

Big Bangs and the TDKR Kink Meme

I'm really excited you guys. I signed up for the X-Men Big Bang and the Inception Big Bang. C: I've already gotten my assignment for the X-Men Big Bang, but I'm waiting for the Inception Big Bang artist sign ups to open. I already have this one story for the Inception one that I want to do. <3 <3 <3 I think I will seriously cry if I don't get it. Like, I'm dead serious. I will cry.

Also, me and cathenian are gonna be the mods of the TDKR Kink Meme. Wanna prompt Bane fucking the mess out of John? Want Batman and the Joker to smang like crazy? Then you need to head on over to it gurlfrand.