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Bane/John I love it when you mark me

Title: I love it when you mark me
Rated: R
Pairing: BanexJohn Blake
Summary: Fill on the tdkr_kink.  "Bane has a thing for marking the things that are his and recently, he's decided that John Blake belongs to him. This results in the man biting marks into John's skin, sucking bruises into the curve of his neck, pinching color into the knobs of his wrists and leaving scratches down his back. He doesn't care if the marks are in places that John can't hide them, he only cares that people know he belongs to someone already. John should mind, but he can't bring himself to care, so he continues to let Bane mark his skin."

Jim Gordon was concerned.

It wasn’t necessarily work related. Though his stress was directed towards a coworker, more specifically John Blake. Normally, the younger man came into work looking worn for wear, tired, and usually close to falling asleep if he didn’t have his morning coffee. Lately, however, John has been appearing to work late, even more tired than normal, and with bruises that seemed to be like a tattoo on his skin. If an officer had a bruise or two it’d be from the rough housing a convict would give them. However, John’s bruises looked intentional.

This was why he was concerned.

He didn’t want to entertain the thought that one of his men was being abused, but he couldn’t help it. Not when John looked so miserable every time he came into work. Jim had enough of this one morning when John came into work with a massive bruise on his neck. The young officer was sitting at his desk, shuffling with papers and organizing his work before he started. The other officers that walked past him would somewhat stop and stare at the state that John was in. Some were brave enough to ask him if he was ok, but that didn’t seem to phase him. He merely grunted a ‘yes’ and the questioners would continue on their way.

When he finally got the chance, the commissioner calmly walked over John, “Blake, do you have a moment?”

John nodded and stood up to follow Jim into his office. Once inside, his boss closed the door and blinds. The younger officer took a seat across from Jim once he sat down behind his desk. “Yes, commissioner?”

Jim pursed his lips as he started to think about how he was going to delicately put this, “John...How have you been lately?”


“Just good?” Jim questioned softly.

“Just good.” John stated.

The elder leaned forward and entwined his hands together in front of him. “Son, if you have any problems, whether social or work wise, you can always come to me.”

John looked down at his lap and nodded, “Thank you.”

Jim watched John silently shuffle in nervousness in his seat, “John, are you sure there isn’t anything you want to talk about?”

“I’m fine.” With that, the discussion was over. John bid the commissioner good morning and exited Jim’s office to return to his desk.


“Dude, seriously, who the hell have you been fucking lately?”

John sighed loudly and rolled his eyes as his best friend Kyle Carrey questioned him incredulously. The two were spending the evening off work at the bar as per usual each night. The bar was located in downtown Gotham, right on the border of entering gang territory. John and Kyle only came to this bar because of the drinks and for the fact that it was relatively peaceful. Most of the patrons of the bar were either from the area or from a gang. The two officers never wore their uniforms inside so that they could drink in peace and not disturb the patrons into fighting them. 

The dark haired officer sighed as he took a large gulp of his beer. “If you’re talking about the marks, they’re nothing.”

“Sure as hell don’t look like nothing to me.” Kyle snorted, “Either you’ve been banging a crazy chick or you joined Fight Club.” 

John rolled his eyes and Kyle nudged him with his shoulder, “So...You would tell me if you were ever in trouble?”

“Yes I would.” John softly smiled as he took another sip from his beer. The two started to aimlessly chat for a while until the bar suddenly grew very quiet. The two looked up towards the bar tender who started to nervously pace around the other side of the bar, shuffling cups and bottles of alcohol around. John and Kyle both turned slightly to see a man with two large body guards walking in. The man in the middle was dressed to the nines in an expensive three piece suit. His dark hair was slicked back stylishly and his smokey grey eyes scanned the bar casually, but with an underlying hint of a threat if anyone messed with him. 
As the man was scanning the room, his eyes fell upon John and Kyle. The two officers turned away so that they were facing the bartender and his fine collection of alcohol. After several minutes, the bar started up it’s rowdy chatter. From what John presumed, the man and his body guards finally took a seat. Kyle sighed as he took another sip of his beer. 

“Look man, I’mma head home. I had a long day. I’ll check you later, bro.” Kyle said as he paid the bartender and stood up from his chair. John nodded in response and turned his attention to his beer. When Kyle finally left, John took out his cellphone and looked at the time. He was supposed to be back at his apartment thirty minutes ago, but had gotten caught up with catching up with his co worker. Finishing the last of his drink, John paid the bartender and started to leave the bar. Unfortunately, John was stopped by the body guards of the man that had caused the bar to go completely silent.

“Mr. Alexander would like to speak to you.” The man to the right of John said to the officer. He motioned to “Mr. Alexander” who was sitting in a booth in a far corner of the bar.

John smiled politely, “Uh, tell him I’m sorry but I’ve got to be somewhere at the moment.” He moved forward but the two larger men didn’t budge. Instead, the grabbed John, turned him around, and started to push him towards their boss. John was then forced into the booth with the man they called Mr. Alexander. The man, who looked to be in his late forties, smiled invitingly as one of his body guards firmly pushed John to sit down with the man. Once John was seated, the two body guards turned their backs towards the two and left them in peace.

“I’m glad that you accepted my invitation.” Mr. Alexander said as he took a sip of his drink. Whiskey, John presumed from the coloring. “I hope my boys didn’t scare you.”

The officer looked at the man’s body guards in his peripheral vision, “No. They were fine.”

“May I buy you a drink?”

“I just had a beer, I really don’t think I need another.”

“Ah, but another drink won’t hurt you. Please, I insist.” Mr. Alexander motioned to the body guard closest to him and told him his order. The man nodded and went to fetch him his drinks. 

John watched as the man walked away. He hesitantly looked over at the sitting across from him. “So...Is there a reason why I was called over here Mr...”

“Alexander. Please, call me Alexander.”

“Right...Alexander...Listen, I really need to get home. There’s someone waiting for me--”

“I’m sure they can wait a little while. Why don’t you have one drink with me?” 

The younger man frowned and leaned back into his chair with a nervous air about him. Alexander smiled as his body guard brought back the drinks his boss ordered. He placed one drink in front of John and the other in front of Alexander. The older man lifted his drink and nodded towards John and took a sip. John stared at him, then at his drink, and finally took a sip. 

“I think it is rather rude that I have given my name and do not know yours.”

“Arthur.” John lied, “It’s Arthur.”

“Arthur....What a lovely name. Tell me Arthur, why do so many bruises cover your lovely skin?” Alexander purred as he leaned in closer to John.

John paused. He was about to risk possibly making a total and complete ass of himself, but damn it, he did not want to be with this man any longer. He had to get home fast or else! So, with a seductive smile spreading on his lips, he replied, “Mr. Alexander, you seem like the type of guy that would really spend some cash to doll up your arm candy." Alexander grinned,"But really, that's just a waste of time. I'm not that type of guy. Some people prefer collars or intricate trinkets to tell people they're taken. But my man, no, he prefers bruises." John smiles as he leans over the table close to the other man's face, "You see, I love it. I love it when he fucks me, holds me down and makes me take it. I love it when he puts another bruise on my body. It's better than any tattoo I could possibly get. I can feel him for days not only on my skin, but inside me as well." A shiver went down John's spine as he starts to think of all those times. "And men like you, you'd just be a bore. So I'll say this as nicely as possible, piss off."

Alexander stared in surprise at John as he stands up afterwards, “Thanks for the drink. But I gotta get home now. I’m due for some quality time with my man right now.” And with that, he brushes by Alexander’s guards and out of the bar, leaving a somewhat shocked and impressed Alexander at the bar booth.

Winter consumed the city of Gotham in an abundance of snow. John was shivering by the time he returned to his apartment. Though he had drank enough at the bar, John needed another shot of some hard liquor to warm him up. Closing the door behind him, John entered his apartment with a sigh. He slowly made his way to his small kitchen to take out a bottle of Jack Daniels and pouring himself a shot. 

Drinking it quickly, John sighs happily as the amber liquid slowly warms his body. He closes his eyes and smiles as he makes his way towards his couch. He continued to drink, and laughed to himself as he started to peel his clothes off. The officer's strange, joyous attitude was rather questionable. It was like someone was in the room with him, sharing him a secret that made John laugh and flush with pride for being the holder of said secret.

"You're late, pet."

John, who was sitting on the couch and about to peel off his tie, stops and looks to the darkness of living room. A man, no, that wasn't the correct term that John would use to describe him, came out of the shadows. A mask covering his face and smothering his voice. Anyone else would run and scream in terror, call the cops, IF they could get that far, but John only smiled warmly as the monster stalked right up to him.

"Sorry for the wait." John softly says as he stands up, meeting the monster half way, "I tried to hurry home, honestly."

The monster merely raked his eyes down the smaller man's form. John smiled and merely wrapped his arms around the beast's neck, "I know."

"So you took care of him?"

"But of course." The monster hissed as he wrapped his arms around the smaller man possessively, "

"Hmm...." John merely hummed as he felt the larger man's hands start to rub his lower back, massaging the muscles there. The officer knew better, however, about why the other man was rubbing his back. "I should make it up to you..."

The beasts' chest rumbled with a pleased sound."How so, pet?"

The smaller man leaned forward, close to the beasts' mask, and slowly started to place tender kisses to it. His hands rubbing the beasts' neck slowly. John, after a minute, gently ushered the beast to sit on the couch. The smaller of the men started to slowly peel of his clothes, giving his master a show.

"I think there's a couple of spots on me that are screaming your name." John purred as he climbed onto the bigger man's lap, "Wouldn't you agree, Bane?"

Bane growled approvingly, I'll have it tattooed on you, my dear little bird." 

Without a moment's hesitation, Bane devoured him head to toe. John, hour's later, would be covered in new bruises, sated, and sore, with a giant beast curled around him possessively. 


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      Jul. 21st, 2012 07:21 am (UTC)
      Omigosh, this was hot. Who doesn't like possessive!Bane? :D

      P.S. Will you ever update As the World Falls Down? I really love that fic. I re-read it awhile ago and then got sad when I remembered there was still no chapter 5 :(
      Jul. 21st, 2012 07:59 am (UTC)
      Yes! I will update it in a few days. It will be unbeta'd though. ;v; I got my TDKR muse back! :D :D :D
      Jul. 22nd, 2012 03:30 am (UTC)
      YAASS \o/ You have no idea how happy I am to hear that!
      Jul. 22nd, 2012 06:22 am (UTC)
      I'm glad that people actually look forward to my fic. C:
      Jul. 21st, 2012 03:30 pm (UTC)
      Okay I squealed a little bcos this is a fic of the film that I've seen in a loong time.
      Oh dear. I love marking so much. Not as much intentional than accidental but... "My man." oh yes blake, bane is your man! why am I finding this adorable? Am I going crazy, this is nuts. I'm not so sure on Bane calling him pet but calling him his dear little bird lights some awesome wires in me.
      p.s. Have you seen the movie?
      Jul. 22nd, 2012 06:22 am (UTC)
      Actually, yes! I plan on seeing it again next week. C: I'm glad you liked the fill. :D
      Jul. 30th, 2012 03:35 am (UTC)
      Hot! I love that Blake enjoys being marked...
      Nov. 22nd, 2012 04:10 am (UTC)
      lost my earlier reply....@_@
      I loved it when bruise was mentioned and in fact the whole article is about that! John proudly showed that and talked about >v

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      Nov. 25th, 2012 10:47 pm (UTC)
      Re: lost my earlier reply....@_@
      Can I ask your permission to translate it into Chinese and share with fans on the other side of the globe? I don't think this one done translating yet. I'll credit you fully and post the translation @ www.mtslash.com
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