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Let My Home be My Gallows Chp.1

Title: Let My Home be My Gallows
Author: DarlingLilEve/LittleDarlingEve
Pairings: Robert/Arthur, Yusuf/Adriane, Dom/Mal, One Sided Saito/Arthur and overall Eames/Arthur.
Warnings: None for this chapter, however, for future reference, there will be violence. Main characters will die.
Rating: R
Word Count: 3,584
Arthur Blake is an average college student with a group of average friends and an average (well, not really) boyfriend. His days come and go like a New York second. Rainy weather washes away any trace of a yesterday from Arthur and the sun rarely shines. It's on a rainy day that Arthur meets Eames. For some reason, the rain won't wash away him, and it seems that Eames doesn't want to be forgotten either.
Author's Notes: Dedicated to Cathenian because she is totally in love with Serial Killer!Eames. (Yes, it's a Serial Killer! Eames story. C:)
Beta: cathenian

Chp. 1: In a place where the sun never shines.

It’s raining today.

It’s great, just perfect. It’s swell even. What more could Arthur ask for?

Who is Arthur? Well, he is our main protagonist of this story. Arthur Blake is an average American college student who aspires to be a great and influential architect. He has above average grades, has few but loyal friends, and lives in an apartment with his best friend Yusuf Grey, who happens to be studying to be a biochemist. Arthur works at a coffee shop that is in the middle of the city, right by the court house, where all the politicians work. He lives in a city where it is always raining. It’s out of the ordinary to have a sunny day. It’s strange really, but Arthur doesn’t question Mother Nature or her opinions on rainy verses sunny weather.

So, as I was going about, today is raining. Why is it important? Well...

Today is the day that Arthur meets a man who will change his life for both better and worse.

The rain is what brings this man into Arthur’s life.

Arthur is leaning against the counter of the coffee shop with a look of absolute boredom. His hand cradles his head as he leans against the surface of the counter. He waits for a new customer to come in or his boss to order him to clean the place up.

What’s the point really? He’s cleaned the place several times already just for fuck’s sake. There was no one coming in today and it didn’t seem like the weather was helping any. Usually it did, but today it just wasn’t on their side.

There were only three customers lounging about in the small shop. They were business people. They were upper class citizens. The kind that, from what Arthur just off handily judged, sucked someone else’s dick just to climb the social ladder.

But Arthur, polite and quite Arthur, would never dare say such a thing. What would his family think of him?

Instead, he keeps thoughts such as those to himself. He never truly speaks his mind when it comes to people. Usually people would think otherwise with his sharp looks. Arthur, who dressed beautifully top to bottom, who always had his hair slicked back, his shirts iron pressed so that there were no wrinkles, and shoes tied tightly so he’d never slip or fall, was somewhat afraid to speak his mind. Maybe it was because of his dreary childhood and the mocking laughter’s of bullies that echoed in his head every once in a while. Maybe. But Arthur truly didn’t believe his opinion mattered. So instead, he keeps to his opinions to himself.

The young man of twenty one year’s sighs as the door to the shop opened; a bell chimes to life, signalling a customer. He pushes himself away from the counter and smiles softly as yet another poor soul wonders inside.

“Hello, and welcome to Gourmet Decadence. What can I get for you today, sir?” Arthur drones out the usual greeting to the man who wonders up to the counter.

The man Arthur was addressing merely pauses and stares at Arthur. Arthur isn’t paying attention because he’s preparing his materials to make the man’s order, whether it’s a pastry or a coffee. When he looks up, the man is still looking at Arthur with an unreadable expression. Then he shifts his gaze to the menu that is right above Arthur’s head and above the shelves stocked full of coffee beans and other goods.

His customer was dressed from head to toe in casual clothing. A black beanie hat covered most of his head and a black hoodie covered his massive upper body. From what Arthur could tell, the man was either a body builder or a professional fighter. He looked to be about a couple of years older than Arthur, probably in his early thirties from what he could tell. He also had dark blue eyes and the fullest lips Arthur had ever seen on a man. If Arthur wasn’t so damned bored and tired from lack of anything to do, he’d probably be drooling over said lips.

“Yeah...I just want a small black coffee. Gimme your strongest.” says his costumer nonchalantly.

Arthur nods and starts fishing around for a cup. “Anything else, sir?”

“Your name.”

Arthur stops and looks up to see the man staring at him once more. A gentle grin has spread against his customer’s lips, “My name?”

“Yeah. I’d like to know who I’m tipping for the service.”

“But...I haven’t really done anything. I’m just fixing a cup of coffee.”

“So? You were nice. What can I say? I’m a sucker for kindness.”

Arthur smiles and nods as he fixes the man’s cup. He puts a cap on the top of the cup and rings him up. The man pays him and Arthur states his name. Nodding, the man takes out his wallet once more to hand Arthur a five dollar bill. “The name’s Eames.” says the customer, “And I’ll be back tomorrow, darling.”

With that, he left a flustered Arthur with his thoughts alone in shop.


Strangely, the man does return the next day.

Today, Arthur is slightly more busied than yesterday. He has a few more customers, but not a whole lot. It’s still raining outside and the humidity is doing absolute wonders to his hair. Today, Eames comes in with a brown suit jacket with a paisley shirt on and blue slacks to match. His outfit is rather atrocious looking, but it still doesn’t deter a person from the older man’s handsome looks. Arthur can see that Eames has rich brown hair that is combed to the side and gelled down. He wonders what Eames is so dressed up for.

“Good evening, darling.” Eames softly says as he approaches the younger man at the counter.

“Good evening...er....”

“You don’t even remember my name, even though we just met yesterday.” Eames feigns a hurt look and clutches at his heart, “How cold.”

“No! It’s...It’s not that. I know who you are Mr. Eames---”

“Please, call me Eames.”

“Right...Eames...Well, what can I do for you this evening?”

“Small, strongest black coffee you’ve got.”

“Alright, coming right up.”

After a few moments. Arthur, once again, rings Eames up and gets the payment. Eames gives Arthur another five dollar bill as a tip. “Is there a reason as to why you keep tipping me more than what you pay for the coffee?”

Eames merely smiles and says, “Because you’ve brightened up my day. Thank you, darling.” And leaves without Arthur getting to say otherwise.


The next couple of weeks, Eames comes in on a regular basis. If Arthur isn’t working, Eames doesn’t show up. He knows this because his boss tells him so. When Arthur is at work, Eames shows up with a warm smile on his face, a five dollar bill in hand to give to Arthur, and the word “darling” on his lips.

Arthur should feel a little bit weirded out that this man keeps visiting the shop just for him, but he couldn’t find the energy to care. He actually kind of likes it. It’s been a while since anyone had shown any interest in him.

Well, it could be that Eames just saw him as a friend, nothing more, so he really shouldn’t say that he was showing “interest” in Arthur.

Monday rolls on by and it’s now Tuesday.

Arthur doesn’t have to go to work today so he is spending time with his friend Ariadne, who is also Yusuf’s girlfriend, at a local food joint they frequented when they have nothing else to do and don’t want to go home. It’s cloudy out and the ground is wet from the past rainy days. It’s warm enough that everyone could wear a light jacket. The two young adults are sitting outside on a warm afternoon eating burgers and talking about Mr. Miles’ class. Arthur is laughing and smiling at a joke that Ariadne says about Mr. Miles’ star pupil, Dominic Cobb.

“Do you notice he squints a lot? It’s the craziest thing!” Ariadne laughs as she dips a french fry into her concoction of mustard and ketchup. Arthur doesn’t see the appeal of mustard and ketchup being mixed together, but he doesn’t judge. “Whenever I ask Cobb a question or say something he thinks is weird, he squints. I wonder how Mal takes that.”

Arthur laughs and sips on a chocolate shake he ordered, “Cobb’s a nice guy. It’s kind of a habit of his you know?”

“Oh? Like how you bite your fingernails when you’re nervous? Come on! I’ve known you all my life and I still find that disgusting!”

“Not as disgusting as when you pick your boogers when no one is looking.” Ariadne swats his arm playfully and the two continue to poke fun at each other. At this time, Yusuf comes barging into their conversation and takes a seat next to Ariadne. He kisses her cheek and she giggles. Arthur rolls his eyes at the clear sign of affection.

“Get a room you two.” Arthur spits jokingly at his friends.

“You’re just jealous of our love.” Yusuf pouts and continues to kiss Ariadne. She giggles loudly and Arthur has to turn away because he’s getting a cavity from what he’s seeing.

“Speaking of love...” Ariadne stops Yusuf from kissing her again by placing her hand in the middle of their faces. The two separate and Ariadne leans closer to Arthur over the table, “I heard that there’s a certain someone who happens to fancy you.”

“And who would that be?”

“A Robert Fischer would be the one who fancies you.” Yusuf says grinning from ear to ear.

Arthur proceeds to spit out some of his milkshake on the ground. Yusuf and Ariadne start laughing as he looks like he’s about to have a heart attack, “No...” He watches Yusuf and Ariadne’s expression. They both look deathly serious. “No!”

“It’s true.” Yusuf says as he takes out his phone. “I got a text from him asking about your work schedule and what kind of flowers you liked.”

“Wait...Hold up, this makes no sense. Why would Robert Fischer, heir to the Fischer empire, like me? Secondly, how the hell did you get his number?”

“He’s in Yusuf’s Chemistry class.” Ariadne says nonchalantly as she pops a mustard/ketchup fry into her mouth. “Besides, it’s been pretty obvious that he has a crush on you.”

Arthur frowns and crosses his arms, “The last I checked, he didn’t like anyone.”

“Well, you remember that time you helped him out after his father became ill? He hasn’t forgotten it apparently and he just can’t get over you.”

Ariadne sighs dreamily, “Oh...You two would make such an adorable couple. Give him a chance, Arthur! You two are just perfect together. Perfect!”

Arthur frowns and starts to bite at his finger nails, “I don’t see why he’d be interested in me.”

Yusuf frowned and grabbed Arthur’s hand, stopping him, “Don’t. We both know that you’re worth it. Robert’s a good guy and you need someone like that in your life. Don’t let others, like those dicks back in high school, determine who you are. You deserve the best, Arthur. And Robert is the best.”

The other man looks down and slightly nods, “I suppose,” he shakes his head and smiles, “You can give him my number. If you want to.”

“And can I tell him that you’re working tomorrow?”

“Sure, why not?”

“Yes!” Ariadne screams out to the world. Everyone turns to look at her and she squeals and rushes over to Arthur’s side and hugs the mess out of him. She pulls away and says, “When you two get married, I’m planning the wedding and I’m your best girl.”

He didn’t know what the hell he was getting himself into. Girls, who can figure them out?


Arthur waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

He could barely keep his nerves stilled. He knew he was being ridiculous, feeling like a school girl being asked out by their crush, but he couldn’t help it. Arthur was nervous and excited at the same time as he watched the door to the shop with anticipation. It was currently three o’clock and there was no sign of Robert. He was getting off at five and was anxiously counting the minutes to when the other man would come it. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Robert came walking in with a small smile on his face.

After immediately seeing Robert’s face, Arthur jumped into working around the back of the counter as if he wasn’t waiting for the other to arrive. When he came up to the counter, however, Arthur stopped and greeted the other with a kind smile.

“Robert, it’s good to see you. How are you?” Arthur softly questioned at the other man.

Robert Fischer, who’s sad, blue eyes, stared straight into the souls of all he gazed upon, smiled warmly at Arthur.

“I’m fine,” said the heir to the Fischer fortune. Today, Robert was wearing some fashionable glasses and an equally fashionable outfit. He was dressed in the nine’s or so to speak. Arthur was appreciating his choice in wardrobe very much. It seemed that Robert was really out to make an impression. “Can I get the special of the day?”

“Certainly, coming right up.” Arthur started to fix up the other man’s order. He could tell that Robert was watching him, but didn’t pay any mind to it whatsoever. When he was done, he rang him up and handed the other his coffee.

“Arthur...Is it alright that I talk to you right now? I want to ask you something in private.”

Arthur nodded and told his boss that he was going on a five minute break. He came around the counter and followed Robert to a corner of the shop. They both sat across each other in a booth. Robert was fidgeting with his coffee; his eyes ventured back and forth, from Arthur to the top of his cup. Arthur frowned and watched as Robert tried to mentally come up with the words he was going to say to Arthur.

“Robert, is something wrong?”

“No. There’s nothing wrong. I just...I’m having a hard time trying to find the words to say in all honesty.” A shy smile appeared on his lips. Arthur blushed slightly and nodded in understanding. Robert, seeing Arthur’s blush, shakes out of his shyness, straightens up and stares determinedly into Arthur’s eyes. “Arthur...There’s something that I’ve wanted to tell you.”

Arthur stares right back into Robert’s eyes, slightly afraid that Robert is going to tell him that he needed help from Yusuf and he needed Arthur to convince Yusuf to do so. He was afraid that Robert was dared into doing this or being paid by Ariadne and Yusuf to do this (which he knows isn’t true but he couldn’t help it.). He was afraid that he was having to high of expectations and that Robert wasn’t asking--

“For the longest time, I’ve had strong feelings for you.” Robert softly says as he gently smiles, “You’ve helped me so much in the past and you were there when I needed you the most.”

“I knew you were suffering.” Arthur replied as he looked down at the table with a sad look on his face, “You...I just couldn’t stand seeing you so sad. I’m really sorry about what happened to your father, Robert. It must’ve been so hard on you these past months.”

“It was. But I got through it, because of you.” Arthur’s face flushed at the admission. “I wouldn’t have been able to go through all that without someone like you being there for me. You are so kind.”

Arthur huffed, “Tell that to my friends.”

Robert laughed, “You are. You have such a gentle spirit. You’re smart and kind. Everything I wish I could be.”

“But you are...”

Robert grinned, “Tell that to my friends.” The two share a comfortable laugh together. Then, all the sudden, Robert places his cup of coffee beside him and took Arthur’s hands into his. The other man stares in surprise when Robert leans over the table with his hands in his. “Arthur...I care about you, a lot. I really do. And I was wondering...If you’d be my boyfriend?”

And there it was.

The universe had given Arthur one very few true gifts it could ever given to him.

Arthur stares in disbelief at Robert and says, “Robert...Are you serious?”

“As serious as a heart attack,” Robert determinedly says as he stares Arthur right in the eye with the most confident look Arthur’s ever seen the other man wear. “I’ve been too shy to ask you. No, scratch that, I’ve been focusing on healing the wounds of my heart since father passed away, and I just, I just want, no, need you there. Arthur, I can’t express how much I feel for you, but please, give me a chance to do so and I promise you won’t be sorry.”

With a shy smile and flushed face, Arthur replies, “Yes. I’d love to.”

Robert gets up from the table and comes to Arthur’s side. He drags him out of his side and holds Arthur close to him, as if someone would come into the shop and separate them at any moment. They embrace each other like they had been separated for such a long time. When they part, Robert asks, “I know this is sudden, but, can I kiss you?”

The other man nods and they kiss chastely. After they kiss, Robert tells Arthur of their soon to be first date and that he’s taking him to a movie gala that Arthur’s always wanted to go to. Arthur nods and grins at Robert’s excited explanations and tells him that they could go to the park and he would have a great time. Robert shyly nods and kisses Arthur on his cheek when he leaves the shop.

Of course, Arthur’s boss tells him to get back to work, which he does. The rest of the day is spent with Arthur on cloud nine.


After a couple of days, Eames comes into the shop with a happy grin on his face. As per usual, his outfit would offend the eyes of any who pass him by, but his handsome looks would deter anyone from caring. Arthur didn’t really seem to care because he was too busy thinking about his date with Robert that night. The other man seemed to notice the happy look the younger man was wearing, because when he approached the counter, he was grinning from ear to ear.

“Well, if I didn’t know any better, I would have figured that you were happy to see me, darling.”

Arthur shakes his head and notices Eames staring at him with a happy look. His eyes were shining with happiness...and something else he couldn’t describe. “Oh! I’m sorry.” The younger man laughed, “I got lost in thought. What can I help you with today?”

“The usual. Also, what exactly has gotten you to smile so beautifully?”

The college student smiled and blushed, “It’s nothing, honestly. You wouldn’t be interested.”

“I’m all ears.”

The older man leaned over the counter as Arthur finished fixing his coffee. Of course, Eames paid and gave him his tip, but stayed to listen to Arthur. Arthur grinned as he couldn’t contain it any longer, “Tonight, I’m going on my first date with my boyfriend.”

Eames stared at Arthur with an unreadable look on his face. Arthur wasn’t concerned though because he was too busy with entertaining the thought of going on a date with Robert. “Really now?”

“Yes. I’m just, I’m really excited. He’s even taking me to this movie gala I’ve always wanted to go to, but didn’t have the money to.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“A huh. I’m sorry, I’ll just stop now. I know I’m boring you.”

“Nothing you could say would bore me, darling.” Eames honestly states as he stares straight into Arthur’s. A smile spread across the other man’s full lips and said, “So you’re going on your first date, hmm? What are you going to see?”

“Slava’s Snow Show. It’s been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. I always wanted to be a part of it but I’ve never gotten the courage to try out for it.”

“I see...Well, I think you’d be wonderful on the stage.”

Arthur scoffed, “That’s a lie. You’re just being ridiculous, Mr. Eames.”

Eames paused, “Pardon me?”


“You called me Mr. Eames. Darling, I’m not that old.”

“Well, I’ll call you that if you continue to call me darling.”

“Fair enough,” Eames laughed warmly. “But seriously, if it were up to me, you’d be up on a stage every night, performing for a crowd of adoring fans.”

Arthur crossed his arms, “Careful now. I’ve got a boyfriend. You can’t just go and flirt with me so viciously.”

This seemed to cause Eames’ eyes to sharpen. “My apologies,” he says in a low voice, “I’ll keep that in mind.” He takes his cup of coffee, takes a large sip, without taking his eyes off Arthur, then lifts it up in praise. “Thank you for the cuppa, darling. I shall see you tomorrow.”

Arthur nodded and watched the other man go.


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Oct. 17th, 2011 01:20 pm (UTC)
oooh this looks interesting and eames as a serial killer to. why do i get the feeling that Robert will be the first to die.
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I dunno. >v< Thank you for reading dear. C:
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Robert's so gonna die!!!!!!!!!!
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There has to be moar of this! Eames is freaking me out, and for some reason I can't but feel scared for Robert. Fuck, I'm hooked, that's why you must write moar, pleeeaase 0:) lol
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Ha ha! I'll write more when I get my muse back. Thanks for reading!!! :D
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Of course there is! I just gotta get my muse back. C: Thanks for reading!
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